What will you be paying for a weekend full of fun, workshops and competitions?
If you want to compete you need to have a valid GOLD membership. If you haven’t registered as GOLD member yet, go to the GOLD dance members site and fill in the form.

Competitors “all you can dance” passes.

For all you competitors out there, we have our “all you can dance” passes that, of course, include all workshops.

Competitor “all you can dance” pass€ 100,00
Starter, Wheelchair and Partner*€75,00

*The reduced price only applies if you are not competing in any other divisions.

Social weekend pass

If you want to participate in all workshops and are not going to compete, we have the social workshop passes. Of course you are free to follow your favorite dancers during the competitions.

Social workshop passes are only available in pre-sales, so be sure to register by filling in the registration form.

Social weekend pass€ 75,00
Social Friday only pass€ 25,00
Social Saturday only pass€ 30,00
Social Sunday only pass€ 25,00

Spectator pass

Of course we welcome spectators and we understand not all spectators want to participate in the workshops. So for those of you who just want to enjoy the competitions dancers, without any workshop access we offer the spectator pass. Of course spectators are more then welcome to join the parties for some fun and dancing.

Spectator passes can be bought during the weekend at the registration desk.
Please note you are not allowed to enter the workshop halls with a spectator pass.

Spectator weekend pass€30,00
Spectator Friday only pass€10,00
Spectator Saturday only pass€15,00
Spectator Sunday only pass€10,00